Cybersecurity Breakfast E' l'appuntamento dedicato alle aziende del mercato italiano, organizzato da Panda Security. Scopri insieme a noi quali sono i servizi esclusivi per proteggere il tuo business. Attraverso gli approfondimenti con i nostri esperti, potrai toccare con [...]

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Do Phishing Response Trends Differ in Europe?

Cofense surveyed IT and security professionals across 5 European countries— the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium— to identify trends in phishing response. Here’s what we found, including comparisons to one another and results from the same U.S. survey data on phishing response trends.

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Imperva Attack Analytics

Security-related investigations are becoming increasingly cumbersome and complex due to constant data breaches, sophisticated threats and massive overload of security events. As enterprises have initiatives to move applications gradually to the cloud, it is getting more complicated to secure applications on premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. IT organizations require proper information and analysis capabilities to decisively respond and resolve security events. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning against large volumes of data is the only way to identify imminent threats. Imperva Attack Analytics correlates and distills thousands of security events into a few distinct readable narratives. Attack Analytics employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the investigation of application security events easy, enabling IT organizations to mitigate and respond to real security threats quickly and decisively. Security events are sorted and grouped into clusters of narratives with associated severity level for quick investigation using machine learning technology. Powerful drilldown capabilities enables security teams for a focused analysis on targeted attacks. Attack Analytics, part of the Imperva Application Security Solution, leverages security events delivered from the SecureSphere and Incapsula web application firewall solutions. It gathers events from web application firewall solutions across the enterprise delivering unified and contextual insights into security incidents. This allows enterprises to secure applications wherever they may reside – on premises, in the cloud or a hybrid environment.

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Imperva Attack Analytics

Uncover Attacks Under an Avalanche of Events Thousands of alerts every day Not humanly possible to analyze Hard to identify real attacks Shortage of security talent No single, correlated view How effective is Imperva’s Attack Analytics? Imperva Attack Analytics improved effectiveness of application security without increased labor costs WAF

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Richmond Marketing Forum 2018 Il prossimo 17 e 18 maggio parteciperemo, in qualità di Exibitor, alla 23esima edizione di Richmond Marketing Forum, l’evento di riferimento per il marketing in Italia. Sarà un piacere poterci relazionare con i Responsabili [...]

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Adempiere (solo) al GDPR o proteggere concretamente la propria azienda? Nel corso del nostro evento di martedì 27 febbraio abbiamo presentato quanto sia importante modificare l’approccio nella gestione dei dispositivi aziendali, per proteggere adeguatamente le informazioni in esse contenuti. [...]

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Centrify Application Services

Cloud and mobile apps are quickly forcing their way into the enterprise, facilitating employee productivity, but exposing business-critical data. Cloud apps, and the mobile devices that can access app data, are often outside of IT control.

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