Dear Customers / Suppliers,

The following document has been drawn up in compliance with the provisions defined in articles 13-14 of the 2016/679 Eu Regulation.

DI.GI. International S.p.A. – Via Piero e Alberto Pirelli 6 – 20126 Milano

DI.GI. International S.p.A., acting as data controller, collects and processes personal data provided by the data subjects. In order to guarantee the safeguard and the exercises of the rights provided by the law regarding the protection of personal data, data subjects are informed at the following:

Purpose of the processing

Personal data provided by the data subjects will be processed exclusively to fullfill the provisions of the signed contract which includes one ore more of the following purposes:

  1. Management of the supply contractual relationship
  2. Legal fullfilments

In addition to the personnel appointed for managing your contract, data may be processed by the following subjects:

  1. Mailing and logistics companies
  2. IT services provider companies
  3. Public entities
  4. Financial Institutes
  5. Consulting firms
  6. Legal firms

How data subject’s rights are exercised

Data subjects are informed, in compliance with the provisions of article 13 paragraph 2 of EU Regulation 2016/79, on the modalities with which they will be able to exercise their rights.

Data subjects are informed that DI.GI. International S.p.A., in compliance with the provisions of article 12 paragraph of EU Regulations UE 2016/679, has:

  1. Up to 1 month from the time the request is forwarded by the data subject, to respond to the exercise of the rights listed below
  2. This term, depending on the number of requests, may be extended by two months

Data retention

Data subjects are informed that the personal data provided will be stored in the systems owned by DI.GI. International S.p.A. for the entire duration of the contract, of which this information is attached. Any data that may be generated as a result of further contractual relations (tax documents, etc.) will be stored according to the terms of law.

Data subject’s rights

DI.GI. International S.p.A., in compliance with 15-22 UE Regulation 2016/679, undertakes to guarantee the full exercise of the rights of the data subjects, unless this will jeopardized a legitimate right or the rights of others data subjects. Data subjects are informed that they can exercise there rights by willing to the following e-mail address:

Data subjetcs are informed that, in compliance with art 13. par 2 (D) of UE Regulation 2016/679, in case they recognize serious non-fullfillments or the failure to comply with one of the rights set out in this statements by DI.GI. International S.p.A., may present a formal complaint to the National Privacy Guarantor.